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       Step By Step Guide 

Below you will find the instructions how to get involved with Million Money. I will be available to help when you are ready to get started.

How to download the Trust wallet // FUND and PAY your upline (sponsor)

Step 1:

Download the free TRUST wallet APP.  See links below.

*Android use*…


You will find a video explaining how to download your Trust wallet:


*iphones - IOS*…/trust-crypto-bitcoin-…/id1288339409

Step 2:

Create and Register a NEW account.  Follow instructions as given in the app.

Step 3:

Copy and SAVE your 12 secret words!!!  Very important you do this step!!!  Do NOT lose these 12 secret words!!!  Write them down on a piece of paper. 

Step 4:

Fund your Trust wallet with $7/8 in Etherium  + fee charges - fund it with 0.04 ETH to be on the safe side.  Instructions to do this is Step 5.

Step 5:

How to FUND your TRUST wallet:

a)  In the app ... click on Ethereum ... then click on Receive button .. Copy the wallet you see there by clicking on the Copy button (this is YOUR Trust wallet address!) ... then go into your wallet where you have your ethereum and pay 0.04 ETH to that wallet.

b)  Click on "Receive" button

c)  Click on the "Copy" button

d)  Go into your own wallet where you have your ETH (ethereum) stored and PAY 0.04 ETH to the wallet you just copied (which is YOUR Trust wallet that you want to fund with ETH).

e)  Once you see your ETH in your Trust wallet in the "Ethereum" section of the app, then go to Step 6.  It takes approx 5-10 min, or sooner to arrive in your ETH Trust wallet.

Step 6:

a)  Click the Dapps (4 black square boxes) at the bottom of the app.

b)  At the top of the app you will see the "Search or enter website url" bar (box).

c)  Copy my website link >

d)  Paste my website link in the "Search or enter website url" bar (box).

e) Hold your finger on the website link in the bar (box) until it is highlighted. Your keyboard should pop up.  On your keyboard, click on "enter or done" button.

f)  You may have to change the language to your preferred language if that comes up.

g)  At this step, please make sure at the top of this page it says my ID# 198747.  If correct, click on "To Register" button.  (If not, get back to me please before continuing.)

h)  Then click on "APPROVE"   

  You are now REGISTERED with 1K Million Money!    You can communicate with your upline (sponsor) to confirm they received your ETH payment.

How to LOGIN to your back office via the Trust wallet APP and see your Website link.

Step 1:

In the Trust app, click on the Dapps button (4 black square boxes) at the bottom of the app.

Step 2:

a)  COPY this link -

b)  In the "Search or enter website url" bar (box) at the TOP of the app, PASTE the link you just copied from step a)

c)  Hold your finger on the website link in the bar (box) until it is highlighted. Your keyboard should pop up.  On your keyboard, click on "enter or done" button.

d)  Click on "Login automatically" button

e)  This takes you into your back office where you can view different sections by clicking on the icons on the left hand side.  Go ahead and click them to check them out.

f) To see your 1K Million Money website link, click on matrix icon that looks like 3 square boxes on the left side of your app..  You can COPY your website by clicking on COPY.  You can save it wherever you wish.  I save mine in an excel spreadsheet.

Step 3:

To log out of your back office in the APP, click on the "right arrow icon" on the left hand side of your back office.

Step 4:

If you want to go back to the Trust wallet main page where you see your ETH balance, do the following 2 steps.

a) click on the 4 blue square boxes at the bottom of the page.

b)  click on "wallet" icon at the bottom of the page.  This takes you back to the main page of your ETH balance.

To EXIT the Trust wallet, just CLOSE it out.

NOTES for your info:

1.  Check your back office often throughout the day, especially if you know you have shared your website link with at least 2 people wanting to join you.

2. Recruit or introduce a minimum of two active referrals who will join using your link.

3. The two active people you recruited guide them to duplicate and follow through the step-by-step instructions given to you by your upline (sponsor).

4. Accumulate and earn Etherium instantly into your wallet and instantly upgrade to the respective levels to avoid missing commissions due to you.

5. Celebrate success and transform more lives because if you do the steps above your success is guaranteed

6. All Commissions you earn is directly deposited to your TRUST wallet. No withdrawal requests required.

7. Feel the power of $7/8 Etherium and 2 active referrals.

I will be available to help you setting up your account if needed. I have added a step by step visual instructions for you.