Marketing tips

Here are some amazing tips for you to do to help you market any type of business you are currently promoting .


This site has the ability to help you market your business with very little effort , firstly if you head over to your profile in your instagram site , you have the ability to be able to put in a website or a referral link .

Once you put your referral link or website in , you can then start posting on instagram about your business , also use hashtags as well that will bring in a lot more views to your link . With in your ad you would then put " check out my bio link for further info "

and then they will be redirected to your business , it should look something like mine .

Mlm Gateway


Also this site is pretty awesome to  

It is free to join , and free to use , its full of network marketers and people who are looking for a new opportunity to earn money online , you can put your business

opportunities in front of actual marketers instead of just relying on facebook .

Also check out the video i made below on how to use the site for free forever !!

The Downliner


Heres another awesome site that actually advertises your opportunity for you , taking out all the effort on your part , you just load it up with your business links and then let them do the work for you :) 

This site has a small monthly cost which is about $9.99 a month  but the earning possibilities with this is incredible as it promotes your links for you .

If you have access to a desktop pc or a laptop , here is another way to get greater coverage on facebook , open up 3 browsers on your computer , like googlechrome & firefox & opera or internet explorer , and create a facebook account on each one , and then join as many marketing groups as possible on each one , so there for you  have 3 x the advertising power to promote your online business opportunities :) this is how mine looks below on my taskbar

                     Also this is certainly worth taking a look at it !!

It's called Fansminer , its a system that allows your instagram account to gain likes and followers on autopilot, its a chrome extension, and once you have activated it ( its free) and clicked the little heart icon in the top right corner of your screen you can leave it running and it puts likes on your posts on instagram , its actually brilliant , here is the link for it 



Have you considered twitter as well ? If you have a twitter account you can pretty much do the same as you did with your instagram account and advertise your link on there to :)  Here is an awesome free marketing tool to use 

, you can advertise in 3 places at once with this site , you can type a post or ad out on it , and it will post to your facebook and instagram and twitter all at the same time , its awesome i have been using it for some time :)



Also have you considered using  ? this site is full of business people from all walks of life , including marketers , this has alot of potential to match facebook in regards to how easy it is to find people and show them your business  :)

This is how good is actually is , in the image below you can contact people in specific fields or even from specific countries and then send them your opportunity and start making contacts in the same fields your in .



Webtalk is yet another social media platform, that allows you to connect with other people in the business world , the good thing i have found with this platform is that there are no limitations as to where and what you can put or place on this platform under your account , and it's also free to join as well .

Webtalk - What Really Is It?

  • Webtalk is another social media but it allows you to segment your contacts - professional and personal.

  • It's totally free right now, but some paid services will be available just like other social media and e-commerce (advertising, premium upgrades, transaction fees).

  • And if your referral spends money on any of these paid services, Webtalk will reward you a commission.

While with any other social media accounts, you only have one set of "friends" or "followers", Webtalk allows you to create a multiple list of networks. It means you can choose to access their personal data only, professional data only, or both. 'Data' as in news, photos, videos, files and profile.

Webtalk is probably close to LinkedIn because it's primarily business user focused by the looks of it.

But with LinkedIn, you wouldn't add your friends & family to your network, nor would you post a photo of "party last night". LinkedIn is not the right place.

Whereas your Facebook "friends" include your real-life friends, Facebook-only friends and business relationships altogether. Whatever you publish on your Facebook timeline is visible to every "friend" of yours, unless you specify who can see it individually.

With Webtalk, you can publish your leisure-related posts only to your friends, business-related posts only to your clients, work-related posts to coworkers, etc.

You could still argue and say why would you need another social media? Almighty Facebook cannot be beaten right now, and everyone's happy by using different platforms wisely. Having said that, Webtalk will come in very useful once it becomes popular. It's achievable if the users -you and me - keep spreading the words, and it might come back to us as a monetary reward.

   Below are some videos i found online that may come of some use to yourself in your                                                   marketing journey !!