The Best Passive Income in 2019 and Beyond!   

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                                                           My Passive Trades is growing rapidly.
                         All the active members are earning up to 1.25% on their investment every single day.
                                       It's backed with the real actual trading done by the company.
                                                                 Realistic and very sustainable!

         The site has been going now for around 10 months (since September 2018) and has actually continued to go                                                                                        strong. 

         With extreme transparency even to the point of showing all the company trades, that accumulate that profit...

                                                                       No scam or Ponzi here!

                                                                        • $5 investment packs
                                                                      • Earn up to 1.25% daily
                                                                   • 100% hands-free earning
                                                             • Compound/Re-invest your earnings
                                                        • Get 125% return on your investment (ROI)
                                                          • Fully registered company that is trusted
                                                    • No sponsoring required in order to earn every day
                                                      • Get advertising for your additional business(es)
                                                             • Withdraw any time 7 days a week

Trusted founders with a 2 year spotless track record & very transparent in the Facebook group including weekly live                                                                  calls with updates & Q&A session!

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                                                                        Minimum deposit: $10
                                                 Deposit options: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or Ethereum


                                                                    Minimum withdrawal: $10
                                                                   Withdrawal option: Bitcoin

There is absolute no need to recruit however, but if you choose to you are able to earn some nice bonuses from your                                                                   referrals as well.
                   Earn referral commissions from every purchase/re-purchase they make 2 levels deep...
                                                                              Level 1: 8%

                                                                              Level 2: 3%

There is no magic here, it is simply the result of getting started and most importantly "the power of compounding"                                                                      with a trustworthy program.

                                Start building your income with NO FEAR of the program disappearing!


                                  A brand new opportunity that launched in June 2019
                                           Earn 3 different cryptocurrencies for free!
                                                 100% passively if you want to
                              Get 1 Advertising Spot after you have joined (for a limited time)
               Watch 5 ads daily (takes 2,5 minutes) in order to qualify for the next day earnings
                                           Earn Bitcoin, Ethereum and Doncoin (DCNX)
                              Purchase more Ad Spots in order to increase your daily earnings
                                            Each Ad Spot cost $1 and will last for 365 days
                                      Promote your additional business(es) you may be part of
                                                           $5 minimum withdrawal
                                             Watch 5 ads, then you will earn the next day.
                If you like the concept, purchase more Ad Spots to increase your daily earnings.
                                                      It’s a limit of active Ad Spots
                        Bitcoin – Maximum 40 Ad Spots is allowed purchased with BTC ($40)
                        Ethereum – Maximum 40 AdSpots is allowed purchased
 with ETh($40)
                        Doncoin – Maximum 20 Ad Spots is allowed purchased with DCNX ($20)
                              = Maximum 100 active Ad Spots is allowed right now ($100)
                                                     This limit will be raised very soon
                                 It doesn’t matter if you buy Ad Spots with BTC, ETH or DCNX.
                                 Your daily earnings will spread out evenly across all adspots.
                 Let’s say you have 40 active BTC Ad Spots and 0 active in ETH and DCNX, you will still                                                               earn in all of the 3 currencies evenly.
                                                      Referral Plan (totally optional)
                            Earn 30% commissions of every Ad Spot purchased from your referrals.
                          This can really add up if you bring in some people with your referral link…
                                 1 Ad Spot purchased by your referral = $0.30 commission to you
                                  10 Ad Spots purchased by your referral = $3 commission to you
                                 50 Ad Spots purchased by your referral = $15 commission to you
                                100 Ad Spots purchased by your referral = $30 commission to you
                                                     Join their Facebook Page below to
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