A few of great sites for any marketer !!



This opportunity is a great marketing tool called OPENJACKET , if you are looking to increase your network or simply just to help you appeal to more network marketers .

It offers you the ability to create capture pages and sales pages for any online business your currently doing , and it also offers you a autoresponder to .

It's also free to join as well .


Here is the join up button for it ...


This seriously is a great marketing tool, for newbies or experienced marketers .

This program is also a great money earning opportunity called JVZOO  ,with this program all you do is make a free account , and once you have done that , you can go through the site and pick products or programs you wish to advertise ( there are thousands of them ) and they give you a referral link and you go advertise it , and if any of the programs you advertise make a sale , then you get paid for it 


There are some great paying programs on this if your looking to earn decent money . 


Here is the sign up button 

This site offers you the ability to find guaranteed leads called UDIMI , no messing around on facebook or other social media sites , or being put in facebook jail , or having your accounts suspended on google+ this is the ultimate site for guaranteed leads and referrals !!

You will gain leads and you will achieve signups by using this site for your business Guaranteed !! Here is the link you need for this great site ...  

Anyone new to marketing , would appreciate this site on their list of tools it's called Buffer , or who are trying to get the word out about their opportunity or program that they are promoting will always need a site that allows you to post on multiple social media sites , to save them time and give them the upperhand .

This site allows you to do just that and is well worth adding to your bookmarks for future use. As you can see below it allows you numerous social media accounts you can attatch and hit in 1 go , instead of individually.

Another site to consider having on your list of tools is called TubeBuddy , it allows you to create youtube videos with precise execution , it gives you the tools such as the ability to research the perfect search words that people use to market their videos , and it also gives you the ability to see how top youtube marketers become so successful with their marketing strategies and so much more . Here is the link to take a look .





If you take a look down the right side of the image , it will show you how it will look , when you open a youtube video once its been installed , the amount of info it gives you , will easily give you a headstart on many other marketers .